25 May 2015 @ 12:03 pm
Well, I am killing time browsing my stash in search of a few specific pics. It's really a curse having thousands of pics - no way of remembering them all, lol. But I am certainly motivated, considering the manip I wanna do (of the very yowza hot variety :P)

And this pic is definitely not gonna work for the manip, but it just has to be one of my favs ♥
Jonesy )

Also, the Hawaii adventure continues with more snorkeling equipment and glorious sixpacks, so here you can see how to properly dive into all of that :D
Matty splash )
Heh, I am only at 50% with my report translation and I just know I'm gonna be in deep shit cuz the deadline is tomorrow evening. And yet, I am procrastinating... or at least desperately trying to, this time with Jay and Jonesy cuz gorgeous boys (looking younger, squee) make me feel better :D

boys )