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You know how sometimes a book just makes you clutch your heart and go "ohhhhhh"?

Spoilers for Phoenix )

p.s. I looked up Vlad's comment to Loiosh in the previous book that "You're not expendable, you're not stupid, and you're not going", because it was so damn familiar that I was sure I'd heard it somewhere before, and aha, it's a Blake's 7 quote. I am amused that I wasn't wrong, and also amused at the hat tip. Well played, Brust.
(If some of this sounds vaguely familiar, it's because I had one of those 2am brainweasel attacks on Monday night and deleted a post in the hope that then I could get back to sleep.)

Not a single thing since we finished Lies Sleeping in audiobook. Brief thoughts about Lies Sleeping )

One episode of Black since last week. What is happening to me? I'm going to J's to watch more Thirty But Seventeen this afternoon, though.

Other TV
Season 3 of Santa Clarita Diet. It is very much the good crack! (Quote: "This plan already has alcohol, surfing and sharks in it, okay? It doesn't need doubt!") Brooklyn Nine-Nine which, spoilers, ugh. ) Last Week Tonight. And the final two eps of The Good Place s3 today at J's.

The weekend was filled with exchange co-modding. It was so exciting to send out assignments, ALL THIRTY-NINE OF THEM!! This is gonna be awesome, people!! The fandom continues to delight and sparkle. <333

I'm slowly getting back into my rewatch (*fingers crossed*), though I stalled on episode 6, by which I mean when I finished it, I immediately started it again), largely because of this exchange. )

Writing/making things
The problem with a fic-writing-and-posting spree is when it ends and I find I've started measuring my self-worth in feedback and there isn't any more. That's a rough transition. But I'm getting through it, helped by really enjoying the flashfic I'm writing (*pets Shen Wei apologetically*) and talking about characterisation, and having started a thing that might turn out to be my Reverse Exchange assignment possibly, if I can finish it (already?! what?!). I'm not sure if/when/how many more prompt fics I'll manage, because I need to get back to WIP #2, which is languishing pitifully (and for which I've had a brainwave about how to move forward), but I'm keeping those prompts on file, so hopefully one day.

Korean study
I got a notification from the language exchange website I'm signed up with, from a new person wanting to meet up, and I feel so bad for not replying, but I'm not studying, my days are full, and I don't have anything to talk about except Guardian. Sorry, new person! I hope you find someone else!

Life/health/mental state things
Boring health stuff. )

Good things
The boy, the cats, Guardian, Guardian fandom, exchanges and writing and sunshine and friends. Modern medicine. The internet. The sound of bird calls across the valley.

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Which do you regularly go by?

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giant sea snail/turtle
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PSA: Brains are terrible. Steroids are terrible.

Brainweasels made an appearance last night. Please send exterminator. Also sleeeeeeep!
Yes, yes, we know that the prompt selections were only two weeks ago and we do not expect to hear that you've finished your stories, but we wanted to use this early check-in as a way to see that everything is going according to plan.

Sometime this week, between now and the coming Sunday, April 21, please fill out this survey for each of the prompts you've signed up to write for in the first two selection rounds (the ones on March 30 and April 6), and please be honest about how things are going. We want this to be fun for everyone, not an excuse to panic and flail and last minute drama (you get what we're saying, right?).

If you want, you can comment here that you've filled out the form (once for one prompt, twice for two prompts, three times ... well, you get the picture) and don't forget to put the number for the artwork you're checking in for in your response.
15 April 2019 @ 05:06 pm
Speaking as someone who was an utterly voracious reader as a kid, it's pretty rare for me to run into a fairly well-known fantasy series from the 80s that a) I've never read, and b) still holds up really well today. The Taltos books by Steven Brust are that. I had kind of vaguely heard of them, think I might have tried to read one of the later ones about 20 years ago and bounced off it, but that was all I knew until I borrowed the first one, Jhereg, from [personal profile] rachelmanija when I visited her at the end of March to read on the plane. I devoured it. I wanted more. I just got done with book 4, Taltos, today. And there are so many more of them to read! They're great! I love everybody in this (weird, jhereg-and-assassin-filled) bar.

Based on what I knew about the series, I was expecting "snarky asshole loner hero"; what I was not expecting was a snarky asshole who claims to be a loner while absolutely tripping over himself at every turn to do everything he can for his friends, right up to dying for them (repeatedly). And his friends are just that loyal to him, too. The narrative voice is delightful -- it's very contemporary urban fantasy; the books themselves are a sort of weirdo SFF/high-fantasy/urban-fantasy mashup. The worldbuilding is strange and original and fun. And (not at all a given in a 1980s fantasy series) the books do great with women, both in the way that individual female characters are written, and the worldbuilding in which it is perfectly unremarkable to encounter female mooks, guards, businesspeople, farmers, ship captains, and the like.

Spoilery comments on individual books follow.

Under the cut )

Anyway, I am head over heels for this series right now and will be running off to start reading PHOENIX shortly.
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14 April 2019 @ 10:04 pm
My friend Jayne just sent me a PM on FB with a 'blast from the past' as she put it, and I have to share it! John and Rodney, bickering and being 'them' is just toooo cute!!

Makes me miss this show sooooo much!

13 April 2019 @ 07:41 pm
Today I was on a Macro Photography course run by Jessops and I learned a lot! Here are three images that I'm quite pleased with, considering I'm still a learner!

Macro Shots )
Missed my artposts? Don't fret, here's another one! When I first read "Gencest", I immediately was intrigued. A Gen-rated story, but also with Wincest-typical flair? Was not exactly possible for me, but my absolutely lovely author iamremy proved me better with her story "Dean Winchester's Journal" ;) Naila, my dear, it was an honor to work with you on this story, and as I told you in our emails yesterday, this story is one that aims for the heartstrings! Thank you for having me! *padahugs*
Speaking of the story: I definitely won't spoil it for you, but let me issue a double "warning": first - get a nice stock of tissues before you start reading, and second - if the most recent episode got your emotions, this story here will do just the same.

And now - on with the art show!!
(click pics for full-size)

How To Move On - The Winchester Way... )

That's it! And now please head over to the story and leave my author lots of love!!
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These are the prompts that are available for the "Achievement Unlocked" Bonus Claiming Round (psst - it's all of them). As in our post here, these prompts are available for anyone who is already writing a story for the Kingsman Reverse Bang, and while we do ask that you "claim" a prompt via a comment, multiple writers may claim the same prompt.

Stories written for this round cannot be published until all of the stories from the official claiming rounds are published complete, so the earliest the Achievement Unlocked round stories can start posting is June 2, 2019. Authors and artists won't be officially matched up, but an email notification will be sent around this time, just so everyone involved knows what's going on.

Kingsman Reverse Bang Art Prompts )
Attention writers! The Achievement Unlocked Bonus Art Prompt Claiming Round will be opening early. Unfortunately, both of your mods need to be out and about at 11 AM EDT, and since the prompts can be claimed multiple times and there is no confirmation, we're posting in now.

If you have questions about the Achievement Unlocked round, please check out this post will all of the necessary information.

Thank you for understanding the situation.

Your mods,

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12 April 2019 @ 10:46 am
Author: NYWCgirl
Macgyver 2016
Pairing: none
Characters: Angus Macgyver, Jack Dalton, Riley Davis, The Ghost
Warning/genre: Diversion of canon, Friendship, Team as family, injuries, rescue, bombs, aftermath, hurt/comfort, angst
Spoilers: none
Rating: Gen

Author's Notes: This fic was written for ‘Cairo day’ on Tumblr. The prompt was Close calls.

Word Count: ~2800

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine…
Summary:  The ghost told Mac there was a bomb out there made especially for him. And what if his daughter didn´t kill the ghost so he has another nemesis who wants him death?   

This fic can also be found on AO3.

Read more... )
12 April 2019 @ 10:12 am
~1500 words, Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, G-rated, Handwavy Alternate Ending, AU – Everyone Lives, Handwaving Ye Zun (sorry, Ye Zun!), Friends to Lovers, Second First Kiss. Spoilers to ep 40. Billions of thanks to [personal profile] trobadora for beta! <3

Prompt: Shen Wei, "Why would you think that?" for [personal profile] trobadora

(I didn’t think I was up for handwaving the ending like this, but it turns out I agree with everyone else who feels that the guys deserve some downtime together after the events of episodes 34/35, and canon doesn’t really allow for that.)

This Time )
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11 April 2019 @ 04:02 pm

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This video is brilliant! I especially had my mind blow around 5 mins in, with the food advertising (pancakes and maple syrup will never seem the same again!), but also the woman running and the single shot scenes too!

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Eyeball reading is all fanfic. I need to get back to Drinking Sapphire Wine, Lab Girl and whatever else I'm in the middle of, but right now all I want is Guardian-related content. Audiobook is still Lies Sleeping. We have five or six chapters to go, I think. It's been a slow week.

Black had some world-building in episode 3 which helped make sense of what was going on, yay! I'm hoping they either find a way to bring back the dead guy or have the Grim Reaper become more likeable, because otherwise what's the point?

J and I started Thirty But Seventeen yesterday, about a teen violinist who's in a traffic accident and wakes up after 13 years in a coma. So far it's poignant, sweet and a bit distressing. I'm hoping they'll ease off on the distressing part and introduce some goofiness soon (there are plenty of hints they will). And also make the leading guy more interesting. Anyway, it seems promising, and it's beautifully made.

Other TV
J and I have two more episodes of our The Good Place watch to go, and I can't seem to find episode 12. Hmph.

And with the boy: another episode of Always a Witch, which honestly, we're both mostly watching for this smile; the finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which slipped into self-referentiality even more than usual, but was also satisfying and well-done in an appropriately heartfelt-cheesy way; and the post-finale live musical show, which was fun, if a little rushed.

Several shows are coming or have come back (Killing Eve, Santa Clarita Diet, something else what was it -- American Gods, maybe?), so once we've finished the Rivers of London audiobooks, we'll start into those.

The last week has involved a dazzling tsunami of modding on the 520 Day Reverse Exchange (it's amazing! you're all amazing!) and, obviously, prompt ficlets. Guardian is now my fourth most-written fandom on AO3! \o/

I need to get back to my rewatch, if only so I can come up with more poll questions (and consolidate canon in my head). Argh. Stupid brain.*1

* If I were AI, would I be able to edit my own brain? That would be both terrifying and SO CONVENIENT!
1 Still don't want to talk about it.

We randomly watched Brie Larson's movie Unicorn Store on Netflix, and it was weird and sweet and a little bit painful, like a kinder gentler Kaufman. And even though she's older, Larson kept reminding me of My So-Called Life-era Claire Danes, aww!

Writing/making things
I started a flashfic last week and, after ~1000 words, realised it wanted to be EPIC and WORLD-BUILDY and I didn't have the time or patience for that. So I shoehorned one of my prompt fics into the Light challenge. (I could have done art, actually. I have half-finished art that would work for the prompt, but I'm not quite happy with it. For some reason, all my fanart looks like it came out of the Sorry For Your Epic Tragedy section of the Hallmark greeting card aisle. I think it's the lyrics/verse in flowing script?)

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I'm having a blast with the prompt fic (I'm not sure the Ye Zun one entirely works, but hey, they can't all be winners) -- they're perfect for my gnat-like attention span. Hopefully I can get through the rest and keep up my momentum when I go back to WIP #2, all before I run out of Prednisone buzz and/or arms. And I need to break out of this gen/pre-slash zone I'm mysteriously stuck in; am going to try to work some kissing into the next ficlet, because KISSING!

Korean study
I tried doing some flashcards in the doctor's waiting room earlier this week. As expected, I've forgotten fifty percent of everything. /o\

Life/health/mental state things
I have a dentist appointment this afternoon which I'm quietly dreading (it's for a filling) and an ultrasound in a couple of weeks, which I'm trying very hard not to think about (one of those drink-a-litre-of-water-and-hold-it ones /o\). Why so much medical stuff? Why so much adulting? Why are bodies?

I'm very steroidy. Tomorrow I drop from 40mg to 30mg, so that'll be fun. It's hard to get the right balance of Amitriptyline: today I'm steroidy AND bleary (I'm hoping this will mean I semi-doze through the dentist appointment). Also, I've notice an increase in not road rage but... maybe road impatience? And a similar attitude to my rest-break software. Like, "I'm in the middle of something, I'm fine, get out of my way!" Which is not helpful. I'm not allowed to ruin my arms again; they're only just coming right! *tries to obey the pauses*

Good things
Guardian fandom! The 520 Day Reverse Exchange! Writing! Stuff! Biking again a bit. Re-subscribing to the Telegraph so I can grab some more cryptic crosswords.

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no! my memories and OS are who I am!
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insert sparkles into Fandom Cortex
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Zhao Yunlan
15 (34.1%)

19 (43.2%)

~900 words, team gen, set just before episode 8. Humour, G-rated, pre-slash if you squint. Much much thanks to [personal profile] trobadora for beta.

Prompt: Zhao Yunlan: "How desperate do you think I am?" for [personal profile] mergatrude

Recruitment Strategies )
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