16 April 2017 @ 11:38 am
Heee, ppl are doing it so I decided to reach out to my inner sheep and do it, too...

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

But compared to other veterans, I'm as green as it gets, hee... It's still a huge piece of my online history and that makes me even more sad that we are forced to slowly abandon LJ. But the more I read about DW, the more I like it, so it's gonna be okay :D
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The Gauche in the Machine[personal profile] china_shop on April 17th, 2017 03:42 am (UTC)
Aww, I hadn't seen that meme. Aww! ♥

I understand and share the sadness, but even so, I'm so much more at peace with this mass migration than I was when the bulk of fandom moved to tumblr; at least Dreamwidth is the same genre of platform as LJ, just with a few surface variations.
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