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kanarek13 ([personal profile] kanarek13) wrote2017-04-21 10:43 am

Matty days...

Oy, I'm still swamped with work, I had a few days that were actually work-less and I even managed to catch up with some of my shows... but now everyone wants their stuff done at the same time, lol. At least the articles aren't so bad and the translation is going smoothly...

Of course my brain welcomes any types of eye-candy distractions and boy OG boy did we get some this week :D

Matty aka the boy that is not only NOT ageing at all but also de-ageing it seems, attended the SFFF film festival where they had the West Coast premiere of Walking Out = squeee! Oh, we got some beautiful pics from that one... and then he and Simon went to this Mr. Porter Made in California Launch event and we got even more beautiful pics! And it also resulted in Matty joining Instagram, heeee. The first pic he posted was taken by Simon

But back to those beautiful pics - mattbomerfan.com never fails to deliver and you can enjoy the entire collection at their website, but here are some of my favorites :

From the SFFF film festival:

From the Made in California event:

*happy sigh* so young... and such pretty curls :P

Yeah, and as a bonus, I also made a vid/gif from some of those pretty pics, let's see if it loads, it's 50MB:

The HD vid version is HERE

And a gifset on tumblr: http://kanarek13.tumblr.com/post/159805164812

Well, time to get back to work :P
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[personal profile] pooh_collector 2017-04-22 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
It's totally the alien DNA. He's going to be FORTY this year and yet he still looks like this.

Alien all the way.